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Mr. Umnutfrankenstein

Written by Catherine Adams Webb


Mr. Umnutfrankenstein” An enchanting story of an eccentric father’s love for his very un- usual daughter, Marla. Mr.Umnut tries to find someone to love his daughter, and to overlook the cruel trick that nature has played on her. This brings him into very unique situations as he meets all kinds of interesting characters. He will even witness The Salem Witch hanging at the true location of Gallows Hill in Salem Massachusetts. Listen to the true words spoken as the accused are about to be murdered. There is also lots of romance, and a trip to the amusement park where all kinds of chaos happens as Marla arrives with her family. Come, I invite you to take a crazy ride on an original story. I thank you, the reader.

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Mr. Umnutfrankenstein: The Complete Screenplay by Catherine Adams Webb via  and also